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 +S MS FOSTER 229 (P)

Whoever said Polled Brahman were weak never met +S MS FOSTER 229. This cow is grass fed genetics at its best. I call her the "tank" of the herd. She passes her traits on to her offspring! She is everything you would want in a brahman cow wrapped up in a polled package!


She takes after her mother +S MS FOSTER 229. She is a very easy keeping female which a fantastic udder! We like our cows thick! She is very grass efficient and so are her offspring!


MISS JPG 22/8 (P)

A bull and a cow are suppose to produce offspring that are better than themselves. This polled cow is a living example, outproducing herself every year with a beefy smooth polled calf. Her dam was the most fertile cow in the JPG herd.



This Polled Cow continues to outproduce herself every year. She has had only polled heifers and they are amazing. 


Brahman x Nelore

This is one of the best polled grey females I own.

She is thick and displays the best traits of both Brahman and Nelore.

She has a perfect udder and perfect teats. She is gentle, very thick and beefy, moderate boned with good hind quarters!

Her first calf out of LMC POLLED LEGACY impresses me daily. He is gentle, big boned, thick and beefy, and smooth polled with powerful hind quarters. Which is all you need in polled Brahman! 




"Rarity of pedigree and the only female of this mating in North America, makes Monica truly a one of a kind.  Her dam is likely the most dynamic donor in the Bar 5 South African program and is also the dam of several of the new Bar 5 herdsires, include Hexagon, whose progeny are impressive.  Raap N Skraap Marda, her dam, is a super dark red heavy pigmented donor cow and her progeny in South Africa have been widely accepted and impressive, including Bar 5 S.A. Hextern, selling for R100,000 in 2012. Monica’s sire Leeupoort Brits was the #1 used sire in S. Africa in 2011, and #2 in 2012 and 2013.  Monica has worldwide genetics, fit for the most astute cattle breeders. " -Brian Valentine


"Dawn marks the dawning of a new era of genetics in North America and joins the JMH Fleckvieh program with ultra-confidence.  She is the model of maternal ideals phenotypically. Feminine, yet powerful, fluid in her mobility and overall eye appeal, warrants her to achieve all the checkmarks.  Her dam Congosim Dolly, has 52 progeny registered in South Africa and only a couple daughters have ever been sold in North America. Dolly was born in 1998 and was highly proficient in her production, both as a performance cow and embryo producer.  Dolly spawns from the Fleckvieh’s greatest sires, such as Benz and Mon-Bijou Piona 84. Dawn’s sire Olintie Bosluis is a rare commodity in North America as well, however has 433 progeny registered in South Africa. Proven genetics!!! Bosluis also contains Benz and Mon-Bijou Piona 84 blood thus doubles up the intensity of Dawn’s profile and production consistency. Genetics like this are not only right for the times, they are timeless." – Brian Valentine